genderIVF sex selection is commonly referred to as 'gender selection'. A process whereby embryos are selected by there sex chromosomes during an IVF cycle to produce a male or female child. 

For those who cannot conceive a child Gender Selection (PGD) is a technique used to determine the gender of an embryo resulting from IVF treatment.Naturally there are certain alternative medical procedures, treatments and options possible for gender selection.

 A cell biopsy of the embryo is taken and the DNA of the embryo is studied to enable the gender of the embryo to be determined. Although this process may appear somewhat controversial this is an option available in our country and fertility clinic.

Even pairs who are able to conceive a child naturally are able to determine the gender of the embryo. IVF treatment is a pre requisite, so therefore IVF treatment is required.

Why Choose [IVF Name,] North Cyprus for Gender Selection?

+ Selection of a renowned, affordable and ground breaking new embryology lab for your fertility treatment at our IVF clinic, is probably the most important decision you will ever have to make. 
+ As Gender selection is a legally restricted consideration worldwide, Gender selection in Northern Cyprus has been established by law since 1998 and available for candidates
+ The cost of PGD is competitively priced when compared to other countries.
+ Our fertility clinic has the latest technologies available for you such as genetics stem cell research, delivering an integrated approach to fertility treatment with our know-how and expertise.
+ A vital aspect of your decision making for you throughout this process is the consideration you will be receiving an extremely high level of patient orientated private care and 'attentative observation' provided by our IVF team of specialists and technicians, lead by Op. Dr. Tolga TUNA.
All you need to do is decide the Gender of your next baby..

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