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What Is In Vitro Fertilization?

A brief Introduction to IVF by Fertility Specialist Op. Dr. Tolga TUNA

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Medical Definition

"IVF, a laboratory procedure in which sperm are placed with an unfertilized egg in a Petri dish to achieve fertilization.

genderIVF sex selection is commonly referred to as 'gender selection'. A process whereby embryos are selected by there sex chromosomes during an IVF cycle to produce a male or female child. 

For those who cannot conceive a child Gender Selection (PGD) is a technique used to determine the gender of an embryo resulting from IVF treatment.Naturally there are certain alternative medical procedures, treatments and options possible for gender selection.


Egg donation (egg transferring) process: Egg donation makes the miracle of life possible it is the process by which a woman donates eggs so whereby another woman can conceive.

sperm donation

Sperm donation is a method form of IVF for men whom for certain reasons cannot produce sperm; do not have sufficient sperm count or whose sperms are not healthy enough to produce a good quality embryo. The procedure involves producing an embryo, by using the sperm of a healthy donor and the future-mother’s eggs, and placing it inside the patient’s womb.

egg freezing

Cryopreservation -Egg, Embryo and Egg FreezingIn the decade since reliable methods of freezing mouse embryos were first described (Whittingham et al., 1972; Wilmut, 1972a) methods have been developed for freezing the embryos of a number of other species. Frozen embryos have been used in the treatment of human infertility. Worldwide, in all reputable IVF Centre's, cycle eggs are frozen in the same way. In our centre, pregnancy rates via our egg freezing-thawing program are almost identical to  using fresh eggs.

embryo donation

Thanks to our sophisticated donor eggs program, one of the biggest in Europe, we have a unique opportunity to also offer treatment with donor embryos.

Embryo donation is a form of third party reproduction. It is defined as the giving—generally without compensation—of embryos remaining after one couple's in vitro fertilisation to either another person or couple for implantation or to research.


Depending on the number and morphological features of sperm, when fertilizing eggs with sperm, two methods are used: typical test tube baby (IVF) or microinjection (ICSI). Microinjection / ICSI. Injecting sperms into the ovum is called the microinjection [intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI].



In IVF, preimplantation genetic diagnosis  [PGD] is a process establishing whether embryos are genetically healthy or not. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis [PGD] is a procedure used prior to implantation to help identify genetic defects. 


InFertility treatment refers to the medication followed in order to help those having problems bearing a child. So, artificial medical assistance is taken to aid them in the process. Since Fertility Treatment is used to cure conditions of infertility in patients, it is also referred to as 'Infertility Treatment' (Fertility Treatment) or the treatment to treat infertility. This kind of artificial medical assistance to aid reproductive functions is increasingly becoming popular day by day.

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